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The Many Moods of A Woman


"The Many Moods of a Woman" is a bold compilation of poetry and prose that vividly captures the intricate dimensions of navigating complex relationships, encompassing the realms of love, hurt, pleasure, and pain.

Evette T. Fergerson

Emerging from the vibrant tapestry of South Los Angeles, Evette embodies the heart of a natural-born thrill-seeker, one who dances on the edge of life's possibilities. Her unquenchable thirst for the rush of adrenaline finds its expression in the lyrical tapestries of her poetry and prose. Through her words, she masterfully weaves her own life experiences, with flights of imagination, crafting both a window into reality and a sanctuary from the world's clamor.

But Evette's narrative isn't confined to her pen. Amid the ebb and flow of daily life, she juggles myriad roles—among them, a devoted single mother nurturing her precious daughter, Zoë. Yet, beyond her maternal journey, Evette is an entrepreneur, a beacon of motivation, and an untamed creative spirit. Fueled by an unquenchable thirst for growth, she continuously seeks uncharted waters, pushing herself beyond the boundaries of familiarity. These audacious leaps have paved the way for an odyssey filled with daring escapades and transformative discoveries.


“This book is a wonderful collection of thoughtful insight, encouragement, and unconditional love to many. Of course, the love letter to your daughter, Zoe, is precious. And now that you have included your thoughts toward her in this book, she will forever have your thoughts close to her heart. I also particularly enjoyed A Love Letter to Our Black Men. They need that more than ever.”



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