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Book & Candle Gift Pack

Book & Candle Gift Pack

SKU: 364215375135191

Discover "The Many Moods of a Woman" Book and Candle Combo

Prepare for a delightful journey as you embrace the harmonious blend of literature and ambiance in our exclusive bundle. Dive into the emotive prose and poetry found within "The Many Moods of a Woman" while crafting the perfect atmosphere with our exquisitely scented artisan candle. This enchanting duo is meticulously curated to heighten your senses and offer moments of profound reflection and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the beauty of words and bask in the soothing glow of candlelight. Explore the diverse moods, captivating stories, and alluring fragrances that await you within this charming bundle pack.


    Surprise a friend or family member with The Many Moods of a Woman book and candle gift bundle. Set the mood with our aromatic candle while immersing yourself in the whirlwind poetry.  


    If you're not satisfied, you have 5 days to return the product.


    Expect your product within 5-days.

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